Portfolios > On the Threshold

Two figures meet at the Castalian spring between the twin peaks of Parnassas
acrylic and mica on canvas
102 x 68"
Threshold (Blue)
oil on canvas
45" x 36"
Two women meet on a threshold of intersecting resonant fields in this Large scale acrylic painting
acrylic on canvas
72 x 68"
The mysterious women meet again over a widening crevasse.
oil on canvas
48 x 60"
Oil painting of mysterious figures in a mythic landscape.
oili on canvas
42 x 33"
LVT On the Threshold 2018
oil on canvas
44 x 28"
LVT On the Threshold 2018-19
oil on panel
24 x 18"

An ongoing exploration of the mysterious relationship between two characters who meet at the crossroads of a mythic reality.
Frank Galuszka has been exploring imaginary space in these paintings since the 1980s.
This view of the cosmos, seen from an infinite variety of perspectives, continues to occupy the painter.